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About Chinese Calligraphy Paintings

About Chinese Calligraphy Paintings

The Chinese Calligraphy Paintings site is owned and operated by Dragon Artworks LLC., a family owned and operated business located in Florida. Dragon Artworks LLC., owns a growing network of sites offering Chinese art and related products.

Dragon Artworks LLC. was founded in 2008 and is licensed by the State of Florida. The owners of Web Central Ltd. founded the company Dragon Artworks LLC. to separate our art sales from the core business of the company, which is Website design and development. Web Central Ltd. is licensed by the State of Ohio.


Meet the Owners of Chinese Calligraphy Paintings

James Turner

James Turner

Hello and Welcome to Chinese Calligraphy Paintings!

My name is James Turner, the president of Dragon Artworks LLC. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to learn more about my company and encourage you to visit the Staff Profiles page to view profiles of the owners and staff of Dragon Artworks LLC., the company that owns this Website.


Why Are Prices on Our Chinese Calligraphy Paintings So Low?

The reason Chinese Calligraphy Paintings can offer you the lowest prices is simple. First of all, my wife is a Chinese calligraphy artist, who has family in China including many very talented artists, teachers and artisans who help us create and/or purchase the items listed on this Website.

Because most the calligraphy paintings we offer were acquired directly from the artists we eliminate the middleman entirely from the purchasing process. This enables us to offer you some of the finest Chinese calligraphy paintings available online at a very reasonable price.


Contact the Staff at Chinese Calligraphy Paintings

Visit the Contact Us page to send us an email or call us at the toll-free phone number listed on every page of this site.

Our Location:
Merritt Island, Florida
United States

Phone: (440) 499-6144

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